Creating Beautiful Floors

Stockmans Ridge Flooring is a new generation of engineered flooring that honours the beauty and elegance of Australian hardwood. Manufactured in China from Australian-grown, sustainably harvested native species, Stockmans Ridge Flooring represents a major development in engineered timber flooring.

It is important to us that our customers understand the dedication and expertise that goes into the manufacture of our flooring. The following ten points highlight the features of Stockmans Ridge Flooring from a production perspective. If you would like a more detailed, and illustrated overview, you can download the PDF called SR Floor Story from the TECHNICAL page.

1. Speciality de-stressed veneer

Many engineered floors suffer from visual and structural issues that cause unsightly damage to the surface and increase the need for maintenance. The high stability of Stockmans Ridge means less concern with checking and cupping, while our highly efficient manufacturing techniques means that one cubic meter of log can produce from between 20 and 30 times the area of a solid timber floor.

2. Specially designed structure

Our specially designed flooring ensures that the natural stresses in our timbers are in structural balance. The high strength substrate matches that of the Australian hardwood.

3. Tailored 'Platinum' Coating Procedure

For greater durability, Stockmans Ridge flooring utilises 14 coats of clear acrylic in a comprehensive mix engineered to enhanced performance against wear and tear Developed and backed up by PPG, this tough surface ensures that the true timber grain and colour of our Australian native timbers is faithfully retained.

4. 186mm true timber grain

Stockmans Ridge 186mm wide planks properly reveal the beauty and elegance of our Australian hardwood timbers? grain and color

5. Comparisons with other types of floor

Stockmans Ridge Flooring exhibits less expansion, contraction, cupping and crowning than other types of flooring. It has greater resistance to dentation, scratching and abrasion, and is easier to care for and maintain. There is, therefore, less need for rejuvenation and no need for re-sanding. Stockmans Ridge Flooring has a higher recovery rate in timber use and more floor covering area.

6. Refresh coating

There is less chance for movement in our timber veneers; the Stockmans Ridge surface stays flat all the time. No drum sanding is needed as the coating system provides extra wear and tear resistance. Buff sanding only may be needed to remove existing coating before rejuvenation.  

7. Chemical Emission

Our flooring is CARB tested to American standard ASTM D6007-2002 for formaldehyde concentration in air. It also has both GREENGUARD and Floorscore certification

8. Quality Control

Procedures are in place to monitor and control the quality of each step in production progress, and every material utilised. Our manufacturing facilities fully test strength, surface wear resistance and chemical emission providing Test Reports on every batch. Batch release test report

9. Chain of Custody

 Full FSC Certification

10. V?linge Locking system