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Stockman?s Ridge Flooring combines legend with cutting edge technology to create beautiful floors from some of the most durable and attractive timbers in the world - Australia?s native hardwoods. 

Manufactured using German technology, from specially selected Australian-grown, sustainably harvested native species, Stockmans Ridge Flooring represents a major development in engineered timber flooring. 

Stockman's Ridge flooring comes in an extra wide 186mm board, showcasing the full splendour of Australian hardwood.

With a construction process rigorously designed and precisely executed, Stockman's Ridge will ensure years of consistant quality. 

A new Platinum Coating Technology takes resistance from scratching and denting to a whole new level.

Stockman's Ridge flooring is named for Australia's fabled stockman - a figure of romance epitomising toughness, resilience, and resourcefulness. He encapsulates the essence of the Australian bush, whose openness and dignity gives it iconic status in Australian life and identity. Stockman's Ridge combines quality with authenticity to bring these same features into your living space, so the spirit of Australia you love may always be a part of your home.